Our Mission

USM Construction Corp is a New York State Certified SDVOB specializing in general construction, maintenance, rehabilitation, construction management, and general site work.

USM Corp was created with the vision of employing and assisting veterans from blue collar backgrounds while providing excellent workmanship and complete customer satisfaction from start to completion on any project. USM’s reputation is based on service safety and quality regardless of how large or small the job is.

Young J. Oh is a former Force Reconnaissance Marine Infantryman. He enlisted into the Marine Corps in 2011 and served for 5 years. He deployed overseas twice—first, with a crisis response task force after the 2012 Benghazi attacks, and second, with the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit to conduct contingency operations within the Middle East. 

While transitioning out of the military, Young sold cars and looked for construction work to supplement his income. However, he found the transition wasn’t easy because the job market had changed drastically while he had been serving. He found that many of his fellow Marines were having similar difficulties. Moreover, many of his fellow peers were not yet ready to transition into full-time college students—and the GI Bill's education benefits do not provide enough income to support veterans with families who are only attending college part time. 

The reality is that many heroes who served in multiple kinetic deployments and want to leave the Marine Corps do not have a clear path out. U.S.M. was created with the vision of assisting veterans from blue-collar backgrounds by providing them a clear path to civilian professional employment so they can leave their service knowing they will be able to support their families while pursing their education part time.

Prior to his service, Young worked in painting and construction to support his family. Throughout his military service, he encountered many Marines with similar blue-collar roots who exemplified the temerity and work ethic needed to problem-solve through the hurdles presented during deployments. These are the same traits necessary to manage a construction team and site. As New York's infrastructure needs to be revitalized, we push for veterans to assist in the building process.